Jombo festival

Thanks to all of you for having contributed to making the Jombo Festival a success!

The Jombo festival committee wishes to thank all the persons who contributed to the festival with their time, efforts and good spirit. All together we filled these two days at Delight Studios in Hammarby Sjöstad with music, dance, culture and reflection. People met, interacted and smiled all over the place. We left the festival with new experiences and friends.

We extend our warmest thanks to

The Artists who brought the West African beats to Hammarby Sjöstad:

Sabar Agents
Alioune Guissé
Carlou D
Andreas Unge
Pape et Cheick
Maher and Sousou Cissoko
Virpi Pahkinen
Fatoumata Diawara

those who helped in enriching the cultural expression of the Jombo festival through workshops and interactive activities:

Leon Kuhn
Kebba Sonko
Serigne Dial
Fabian Hildebrand
Yaya Diabate
Lennart Wretlind
Tatiana Rucinska
Åsa Veghed

those who created debate and reflection around conflict settlement in West Africa, with the examples of Mali and Côte d’Ivoire:

Maud Edgren Schori
Pierre Schori
Harouna Diakité
Mari Mörth
Joe Frans

the organizations who with their presence contributed to give an insight into life and culture in West Africa:

Afrosvenskarnas Riksförbund
Amigos de Cabo Verde
Kvinna till Kvinna
Liberia Dujar Association
Nigerian Union
Rädda Barnen
Sweden Mali Voices

to the chefs who worked persistently to bring us all the rich African flavors:

Haddy Jatta with food representing the Gambian and Senegalese cuisine
Arminda Soares Bränngård with food representing the Cape Verdean cuisine
Clementine Brown with food representing the Ghanaian cuisine

to all the enthusiastic volunteers without whom the festival would not have been possible:

Aesa Pighini
Amilza Soares
Ben Samake
Charlotte Feustel
Gun-Marie Taabu
Ikka Norberg
Ingrid Pighini
Jenny Nilsson
Johanna Molt Salinas
Katarina Tobé
Katja Karlström
Kine Sy
Klaus Hahn
Chistopher Julian
Lansana Juwara
Lotta Brattberg
Maria Fornemo
Samba Fall
Sebastian Derle
Tania Muñoz Salinas
Vincent Cadau
Wilfredo Vasquez

and last but not the least to you – all the visitors without whom all the great performances, workshops, debates and activities would not have made sense. Thank you and hope to see you all again next time!

Warm regards from
Delight Studios and Hammarby Sjöstads Folketshusförening

the Jombo festival committee:
Guido Hildebrand
Marie Lindfors
Ingemar Johansson
Eva Molt
Kisito Diene
Lotta Eriksson
Ulrica Martinsdotter
Demba Conta

Check out some pictures from the first edition of Jombo Festival here!

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  1. Yennyfernanda

    Jaha, e4r det den le5ten. Klart man hf6rt den, men som vanligt har jag ostafte inte en aning om vilken artiskt det e4r. Den e4r bra!Grattis pe5 brf6llopsdagen! Vi hade brf6llopsdag i torsdags – 21 e5r. Tiden ge5r…. Ha en fin kve4ll. /Anette



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